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As a foundation for overall optimum health, hemp as a majority or independent source of daily food intake is perhaps unrivaled on Earth. Where hemp provides even a small contribution to your overall daily diet, its health benefits will be felt by anyone looking to improve or maintain their overall health and wellness. Offering a complete, easily digestible protein source for everyone from infants to the elderly and an ideally balanced combination of essential fatty acids, hemp truly is an amazing and nutritious food source.

Hemp Seed Oil – Our Hemp seed oil is smooth... real smooth. With a mellow yet distinct flavor, this oil adds rich substance when used as a garnish to soups stews and pasta sauces. Hemp oil is a lovely oil for salad dressings and goes well with balsamic vinegar for a sophisticated bread dip. We don't want to pick favorites but the flavor and nutritional benefits that hemp offers are second to none.

Hemp Powder - This whole food powder is like Hemp oil's more balanced, nutritionally complete sidekick. Along with a hint of Hemp's ideally proportioned mix of Essential Fatty Acids, it contains all of the essential amino acids required for human nutrition, this makes it a complete protein. Also providing a healthy mix of soluble and insoluble fibers, this powder can improve overall digestive function and when used on a regular basis, can replace fiber supplements. Overall, this nutritional powerhouse is a whole food supplement that will leave you satisfied and energized. Regular, daily use of this powder can create an alkaline state within the body, improved nutrient absorption and regular bowel functions. Mix Hemp Meal in with smoothies, sprinkle over hot or cold cereal and even in your pastas or salads.

SuperFine Hemp Protein Powder - Our ultra smooth more isolated protein powder. Mixes discreetly into smoothies or just with juice imparting a smooth texture and sweet nutty flavor. The nutritional profile of hemp protein makes it a noticeably positive addition into any diet and will help boost your immune response, improve digestion, increase metabolism and energy levels and improve muscle strength and tone.

Hemp Butter - A nutty combination of oil and meal, Hemp Butter is like having your cake and eating it too... except much better for your health. We recommend stirring it into soups to give them a little more oomph or mixing it into hummus. Heck, why not put it right there on your toast with a little honey to start your day.

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